Thursday, April 11, 2013


Things that can make a fresh mind is when we can see that the Green-Green or foliage. This is certainly we can see in our homes without the need for extensive land. Because the technique how to gardening in the yard a good home should not require a space.

The word vertikultur is taken from the United Kingdom, which is a merger of two verticulture said, vertical and culture. Understanding is a way of farming that are done with multilevel systems. Cultivate the soil in this system is not much different with planting trees like in a garden or field.

But there are advantages obtained with minimal land able to produce maximum results.

On agriculture in general or conventional, maybe one square meter can only be planted five trees. Through this story of the composition or pattern, it can be covered up to five stems.

The trick is to make a shelf to put the plant. Without having to plant it directly on the farm. The shelves can be made of wood, planks or seasoning.

If you want to more powerful can use iron or stainless steel frame. But it's a more expensive fare.

About the model and size, it is up to the creativity of the Booker. Made in such a way to be in the family's many plants. In General is rectangular, triangular, or formed like staircases. With several racks. The important thing is powerful and easy-to-move move.

Some forms of buildings combined with ingredients such as zinc or aluminum rectangular. Its purpose is to grave ground, as a medium for planting. It is similar to a swath of rice fields or gardens.

A number of flower pots can also be lined up on the shelf. About the tree, containers do not have to buy it in the market. Just try it out to the warehouse or the porch of the House. Paint cans, used lubricating oil, plastic drinks bottles or mineral that is unused, can be utilized.

Anti flood
In the frame of the building, to note is the size of the height. The treatment plant will be easier when the shelf is made of necessity. Because of his understanding of multilevel farming, not necessarily will look like a ladder, stacking up.

Indirect plant at the base of the soil in the yards, but addressed the floor. The distance a little bit high from ground level, very useful if there is a puddle. The floor was clean when it is placed around the room tiled or ceramic tile.

The rack easily placed wherever you want. Get on the front page, the side, above the level, even in the rooms though. Skeleton building made taller to prevent his crops submerged by water.

Creativity at home can be transmitted with a paint pot or shelves. To add a touch of art are more interesting. Combined with a variety of different types of plants. Can be also combined with pot paraphernalia, such as water containers or pots hanging underneath it.

In addition to ornamental plants, medicinal trees also well planted. Fair to add to the collection, anyway very useful. Type of vinca, sambiloto or kecik beling easily live in the pot.

Not only that, a combination of tabulapot (fruits in pot) will add the contents of the "Garden" is more solid. To get it, please go to seller's plant. Miscellaneous small trees already bear much fruit.

A used Drum or the rest of the largest size paint cans all fits in well as their vessels. Indeed the trees too heavy type placed in the top rack. However, the father or mother can adjust its placement.

Verticulture is suitable for the cultivation of plants annuals, such as vegetables. In addition to direct harvest them easily, the result will be enjoyed. A variety of vegetables that can be planted include celery, lettuce, kale, spinach or Basil. Tree chili pepper, tomato, or eggplant, also easy to grow in pots. Types of poly bag or pouch black, thick plastic can replace the functions of potted plants.

Live how do I care for and offer it. If the result is redundant, sold as an addition to the family. Anyway more healthy and environmentally friendly.

family members no longer need to issue funds to buy fertilizer. Natural fertilizer is capable of self made from the remains of the kitchen trash. Pieces of vegetables, fruit skins or food scraps are organic materials that are useful. The materials are broken down by soil and needed by the plant.

Making quite a hoard in the ground. Allowed to decompose for a little over a month old. After that can be used as a medium for planting. With a mixture of sand, supplemented by loose soil, and compost. A measure of his balanced, 1: 1: 1.

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